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Suck My Dick Enamel Camp Cup

Suck My Dick Enamel Camp Cup

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This is the perfect companion for your adventurous, anti-social escapades! This mug not only holds your precious caffeinated concoctions but also doubles as a powerful anti-human magnet. You can now sassily sip your morning brew while reminding the world that you'd rather commune with trees than with people. Plus, it's microwave-resistant, ensuring that your mug stays as untamed as your camping spirit! 

Remember, Rage Like a Lady. 

.: Do not microwave!!

.: Contains Metal Rim! 

: Material: cold-rolled steel plate (metal), with enamel glazed surface
.: One size: 12oz (0.35 l)
.: Anti-alkali and acid proof
.: Glossy finish
.: Dishwasher safe

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